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Versa's mission is creating & celebrating moments though versatile exercise & community experiences.  Our staff works with everyone no matter their fitness level.

Trifecta: Challenge Details

Starts September 19th

  • 12-week challenges are exclusive to our members for no extra cost

  • Teams of 3 will work together 

  • Pre & Post assessments to gauge progress

  • Point based challenges based on activity, and team challenges

  • GroupME message with team lead by a coach on staff providing resources, encouragement, and more

  • Challenges are made for EVERYONE regardless of your current activity level to help you achieve your goals and get results that are sustainable beyond the 12 week

  • NO counting calories & NO working out 7 days per week.

  • 5 workouts per week that can be in or out of Versa. Any activity counts (walking, cycling, yoga, swimming etc) 

12 Week Accountability Challenges

​Challenges are based on being active 5 times per week to build a healthy, sustainable routine. Workouts can include biking, walks after work, etc. ALL activity will count towards your goal of being active 5x per week. While also on a team to create the accountability that pushes you to achieve your goals. Providing an environment & challenge where everyone can succeed.

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