Versa Fit Endure

Long duration non-stop cardio classes where we use a wide range of equipment: kettlebells, battle ropes, bodyweight, med balls and more! These are challenging classes that burn many calories and will leave you feeling accomplished.


Versa Fit Interval

Interval training where we use a variety of equipment to spike your heart rate to the red zone and then give you ample rest time for your heart rate to decrease. Prepare to have some fun and challenge yourself to new levels.

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Versa Fit Tempo

Slow, medium, fast. Tempo training is one of the most effective training methods for fat loss and after burn. Our variety of equipment ensures our Tempo classes are always different and fun!


Versa KB Fit

Have you ever used kettlebells for conditioning? This class utilizes all different kettlebell movements to spike the heart rate and take your boring cardio classes to the next level!


Versa Fusion

Part Versa Strong and part Versa Fit, a combination to build strength, challenge your cardiovascular system.  Get the best of both worlds and leave feeling strong and fit!


Versa Strong

Resistance training classes were we build strength and muscular endurance, all while burning calories and creating the toned look everyone seeks. Our coaches ensure you’re using proper form and adequate weight, taking the thinking out of resistance training for you.

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Versa Sweat

At Versa, we know that recovery is just as important as effort exerted in the gym. Our Sweat workouts utilize circuit formats, long duration cardio, and pre-hab movements for low back, shoulder, and hip health, reducing your risk for injury, and ensuring you feel refreshed for the more intense workouts later in the week.


Versa Barbell Strong

Wanting to focus on some heavy barbell training?  This is the class for you!  You focus on bench press, back squats, or deadlifts.  

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Versa Funtional Fit

The class will consist of Olympic lifts (snatch, OH squats, clean and jerk, + barbell complexes).

There will also be skilled movements involved (handstand holds/pushups/walks, double unders,  pull ups)!

We'll always be working on some form of lift in the first half of the class & we'll finish with a 5-20 minute metabolic conditioning style workout.

This class will be for all skill levels & there are modifications for everything

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Aerobic Conditioning

Our aerobic conditioning classes are designed to provide you an increase in oxygen uptake and metabolism. Aerobic conditioning is a process whereby the heart and lungs are trained to pump blood more efficiently, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to muscles and organs. These classes will involve The Echo Bike, Assault Runner, Concept 2 Rower, &/or Concept 2 Skiier.

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Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is the use of intense conditioning exercises to increase the storage and delivery of energy for any form of exercise.


 In our classes, we will train the body’s energy systems by working in three zones: aerobic, anaerobic threshold, and anaerobic (think fast walk, fast run, and sprint!)


The primary focus will be on improving our anaerobic threshold by challenging our anaerobic system with periods of active recovery (aerobic exercise). That means constant movement (active recovery, NOT rest) ranging from moderate to high intensity for the ENTIRE class.


How does this help you? If you train your body to do more work without oxygen, you’ll also increase your ability to do work with oxygen! These workouts will also help decrease body fat by not only burning calories during the workout, but also through EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or “afterburn”), which studies have shown can add up to 15% towards the total workout calorie deficit! 


Full Body Burn

Full Body Burn is a 60 minute full body workout. The class combines strength, flexibility, and cardio exercises in a dynamic, high-energy sequence. You can except a little bit of everything - even some yoga! You will need a mat or towel and weights (3-8 lbs) are optional. Full Body Burn will be the perfect compliment to your training!



Madigan has taught barre, hot yoga and yoga sculpt & strengthen over the past two years. She gained her 200hr RYT and Sculpt & Strengthen Teacher certifications through Hothouse Yoga in Iowa City. Madigan also completed barre teacher training through Barre Intensity.

Her classes are energized by music and include a full body workout. She loves to try new things in her classes and guarantees a sweaty, strengthening and invigorating workout.