Versa Fit Endure

Long duration non-stop cardio classes where we use a wide range of equipment: kettlebells, battle ropes, bodyweight, med balls and more! These are challenging classes that burn many calories and will leave you feeling accomplished.

Versa Fit Interval

Interval training where we use a variety of equipment to spike your heart rate to the red zone and then give you ample rest time for your heart rate to decrease. Prepare to have some fun and challenge yourself to new levels.

Versa Fit Tempo

Slow, medium, fast. Tempo training is one of the most effective training methods for fat loss and after burn. Our variety of equipment ensures our Tempo classes are always different and fun!

Versa KB Fit

Have you ever used kettlebells for conditioning? This class utilizes all different kettlebell movements to spike the heart rate and take your boring cardio classes to the next level!

Versa Fusion

Part Versa Strong and part Versa Fit, a combination to build strength, challenge your cardiovascular system.  Get the best of both worlds and leave feeling strong and fit!

Versa Strong

Resistance training classes were we build strength and muscular endurance, all while burning calories and creating the toned look everyone seeks. Our coaches ensure you’re using proper form and adequate weight, taking the thinking out of resistance training for you.

Versa Sweat

At Versa, we know that recovery is just as important as effort exerted in the gym. Our Sweat workouts utilize circuit formats, long duration cardio, and pre-hab movements for low back, shoulder, and hip health, reducing your risk for injury, and ensuring you feel refreshed for the more intense workouts later in the week.

Barbell Club

Wanting to focus on some heavy barbell training?  This is the class for you!  You meet 4 times a week each Sunday to focus on bench press, back squats, or deadlifts.  

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