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What is Live Well?!?

Welcome to Versa Fitness’ health and wellness coaching program! We are excited to
begin this individual health coaching journey with you. Our coaching program will
provide individual coaching based on your current goals!

What to Expect:

After signing up for our virtual health and wellness coaching program, we will email you a detailed questionnaire. These questions will range from lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and sleep. Please take your time answering all the questions honestly. Your answers help provide your coach with an understanding of your current lifestyle and habits. Once completed, please email the questionnaire back to your coach.



Once your completed questionnaire is returned to your coach, your coach will email you to set up your 1:1 interview. This interview should be completed before the start date of your program. Please allow for 30 minutes for your 1:1 session. During your session, you will begin to establish and build a relationship with your coach. It will help you and your coach set up a plan for the first few weeks of your program. Bring any questions that you have! Your coach will also go over the Coaching Agreement with you at that time. Making sure all exceptions and responsibilities from both parties are laid out. (You will also receive an email with the Coaching Agreement.)

Schedule a 1:1 with your coach

After your 1:1 is completed, your coach will begin creating your profile on True Coach. An invitation will be sent to the email you provide. Your coach will enter your workout schedule, your height, weight and beginning habits. Once this is complete, your coach will email you that everything is set up and ready to go. You will have the opportunity to add in your own progress pictures and measurements on your True Coach profile. This is highly encouraged in order to track your progress.

Update your True Coach profile

You will also receive an invitation to the private Facebook group. This group will include all health coaches and members participating in the program. Recipes, strategies, resources and more will all be shared in the group. Your participation is encouraged!

Are you ready to Live Well with Versa Fitness?
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