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Specialty Programs

We provide these specialty programs throughout the year at no extra cost. This gives our members ample opportunities to work toward their different goals, try new challenges, and build a sense of community as they partner with other members.

  • 12-week sessions with 1-2 powerlifting classes per week ending with a mock powerlifting meet

  • Guide on RPE, %, & how to build strength, Fueling for success

  • Tru Coach app to track weights through 12 weeks, and access to see weekly workouts with recommended % & RPEs

  • Weekly guidance from coaches to guide weights in Strong Classes​

  • Weekly general reach outs to group from coaches including advice on training prep and recovery

Powerlifting Programs​
3 Cycles per year
  • 16 weeks programmed out in accordance with your Versa workouts to meet you where you are

  • Weekly checkups, and personalized plan

  • Running drills incorporated into warm up

  • PDF to cover everything you need to know about running

  • Discount on Myzone Heart Rate Monitor

  • Access to program coach via Trucoach

  • Monthly zooms to go over previous month, and upcoming month.

  • Final zoom will be about race day strategy, preparation, and more

Running Programs
2-3 Runs per year

We constantly bring in new class types throughout the year for members to try new things like:

  • Versa Functional Fit 

  • Olympic Weightlifting 

  • Mobility Classes

  • Beat based classes

  • And more

New Classes

Have questions? We are here to help.

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