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Million MEPs for a Cause

Did someone say MEP challenge?!

Versa Fitness is challenging you participate in the Million MEPs challenge

Our goal is to accumulate a total of ONE MILLION MEPs starting November 1st through December 17th. For every 10,000 MEPs, Versa will donate $10 towards a charity chosen by one of you!

How it works:

  • It is easy! All you have to do is wear your MyZone during your workouts to start accumulating MEPs

  • Of the TOP 10 people with the most MEPs, one person will be randomly chosen to pick the non-profit organization we will be donating to.

  • The individual with the most MEPs during the challenge will receive a Versa branded lululemon shirt that says “MEP Champion”

  • Don’t have a MyZone? Send us a DM, email, or stop by the front desk so we can help you order one ASAP!

Who’s ready?!


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