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" You will join a community that will push you to be a better version of yourself. It doesn't matter what your fitness background is. All workouts can be scaled to your needs. CrossFit be awesome here. "

Tyler C.

Versa CrossFit

Our program is focused on one thing -- inclusivity. No matter experience, age, or background, our program can be progressed & regressed to fit any individual.

We believe that everyone's fitness journey is unique and that adjusting a workout to your needs and capabilities is the most effective way to work out. 

Picking the right gym can be overwhelming. Let us help.


Prefect for members looking to get back into a routine, and find joy in movement.


Prefect for members who are looking for a challenge that will push them without the high skill movements. 


Prefect for members who are looking for more high skilled movements, and more challening variations. 

Our 3 Track Versa CrossFit Program

Our 3-Track program paired with a fun, inclusive, & rewarding environment leads to an unmatched fitness experience. 

CrossFit for Health. CrossFit for Fitness. CrossFit for Performance

CrossFit for Everyone

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