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We Create Ripple Effect Moments

Versa is on a mission to create ripple effect moments through versatile community and fitness experiences. Our proven scientific programming coupled with our staff provides an unmatched fitness environment that prides itself on inclusivity & empowerment.  We don't just teach classes, we create moments!

Recent News & Events

"Great community with great trainers! Versa has what you need to be successful in your workout both in and out of the gym. I would highly recommend Versa for anyone who is skittish about getting started on their fitness journey."

Ryan Casey

Whether you like:  

  • CrossFit, HIIT, Strength Training, or Combination

  • Biking or Running

  • Barbells or Kettlebells 

  • Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting ​

You can expect to be supported in anything you choose. 

What would a fitness experience be like dogma free of “this” is better than “that”, and instead asked the question “what do you enjoy, what do you want to do, what do you wanna try?” … that is where Versa comes in.

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