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We Create Ripple Effect Moments

Versa is on a mission to create ripple effect moments through versatile community and fitness experiences. Our proven scientific programming coupled with our staff provides an unmatched fitness environment that prides itself on inclusivity & empowerment.  We don't just teach classes, we create moments!

Recent News & Events

"Great community with great trainers! Versa has what you need to be successful in your workout both in and out of the gym. I would highly recommend Versa for anyone who is skittish about getting started on their fitness journey."

Ryan Casey

Whether you like:  

  • CrossFit, HIIT, Strength Training, or a Combination

  • Biking or Running

  • Barbells or Kettlebells 

  • Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting ​

You can expect to be supported in anything you choose. 

What would a fitness experience be like dogma-free of “this” is better than “that”, and instead asked the questions, “What do you enjoy?", "What do you want to do?" "What do you want to try?” … that is where Versa comes in.

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