About Us


Versa Fitness was created to bring a personal experience to the group fitness field. Our proven scientific programming coupled with our staff provides an un-matched group fitness environment. No matter the class size expect to be called by name and motivated individually. Each member fills out goal sheets and activity questionnaires which are read by our whole staff, so every time you come to class the coach knows exactly how to work with you!

NO ONE is just a number at Versa Fitness!


Versa Fitness is a proud My Zone Facility. Our highly qualified staff uses this tool to gauge members workload and properly regress or progress members accordingly. Just another tool that separates the Versa Fitness program.


Keeps you motivated through your workout in and outside of the gym.

Gauge improvement to the cardiovascular system

Create interactive classes where your told to match the zones

Aids you and our coaches in adjusting effort levels. We know when to work harder and then when ease off–maximizing your results.

Get more out of each workout, translation: better results more quickly.

Self-motivation to “hit the zone” which means the instructors can concentrate on other aspects of the workout, such as form & technique.

Accountability! Myzone Effort Points [MEP] and status ranking means members don’t want to miss a workout and it keeps them consistent, we all know consistency is key when it comes to fitness.

Community. We have created an exclusive community of like-minded people. Using My Zone interactive Mobile App. We are able to friend coaches and fellow members, comment & like their workouts. Track our own progress, create member challenges and chat groups.