Anna Amstutz

Anna Amstutz


210lb front squat

195lb squat clean

125 unbroken DUs



CrossFit L1

About Coach

I was not a very athletic person, I did some volleyball in middle school and that was about the extent of it. I had never gone to a gym, lifted weights, or exercised. When I did a missions trip to Ukraine in 2017 I was introduced to CrossFit and was eager to try it out once I got home. I instantly fell in love with CrossFit, the community, and the way daily exercise impacted my life. From being prepared to hike mountains, to managing depression and anxiety in a healthier way, to birthing and raising two children, fitness benefits all areas of life. I love being a part of this community and being able to watch others' lives benefit from fitness.

Turning Point

Like lots of women, I was never very happy with my body, struggled with insecurities, etc. Fitness helped break some of that down. I started eating to fuel my body to achieve things I never would have guessed I'd be able to do. I love feeling strong and feeling healthy mentally and physically.

Motivation & Passion

I wanted to become a coach for the people who come in and feel like they have so much room to grow. I was there! I remember when I first started coming and could only squat 55lbs, hadn't jumped rope since I was 10, and had no clue what all these weird words and abbreviations were. I like to remind and encourage people that even the best athletes have to start from scratch. My biggest motivation is helping others crush their goals and being able to share their daily wins.