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"I'm really happy I found this gym. Wide variety of classes. You can go as hard or easy as you want. Integrated MyZone if you want to use the device. Enough class times that you can always schedule a convenient time."

Paul Engle

Versa Fitness

All of our classes are focused on one thing -- inclusivity. No matter experience, age, or background, all of our circuit training-style workouts can be progressed & regressed to fit any individual.


Our staff points ensures you are doing exercises correctly, and regress & progress each members accordingly.


 We employ a three-block workout system designed to ensure constant progress and variety for our members.


Direction from our staff, and purpose with the classes leads to long term resutls both phys

What You Can Expect From Versa Fitness

Our 3 Block Program

At Versa Fitness, we employ a three-block workout system designed to ensure constant progress and variety for our members. Each block is three weeks long, and throughout each one, different modes, time durations, RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion), and class formats are utilized to achieve maximum results and minimize injuries. Our scientifically programmed and structured workouts are strategically designed to build on each other for optimal effectiveness.

Our three blocks are the Endure Block, Strong Block, and Power Block. Here's a breakdown of each:

Endure Block

This block focuses on building muscular endurance and aerobic capacity through higher rep ranges, burnout sets, pyramid sets, and more. Our cardio-based days target zone 3 with longer durations and rely heavily on bodyweight movements. We keep the weight light to moderate at an RPE of 5-6.

Strong Block


The Strong Block is all about building maximum strength and increasing total body strength using tempos, medium durations, and supersets. Our strength training focuses on tempos, isometrics, and more while keeping the RPE at 7. Our cardio days combine kettlebell work, DB balls, and more to blend Z3/Z4 efforts with strength training equipment.

Power Block

The Power Block is the culmination of all the work you've done in the previous 6 weeks. In our strength-based classes, you'll experience complex strength training (barbell paired with plyo movement), clusters, speed barbell movements, and more. Our cardio classes focus on true HIIT, spiking the HR to Z4/5 using short durations but high intensity. You'll use ladders, cones, sleds, and more!

Picking the right gym can be overwhelming. Let us help.

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