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"I'm really happy I found this gym. Wide variety of classes. You can go as hard or easy as you want. Integrated MyZone if you want to use the device. Enough class times that you can always schedule a convenient time."

Paul Engle

Versa Fitness

All of our classes are focused on one thing -- inclusivity. No matter experience, age, or background, all of our circuit training-style workouts can be progressed & regressed to fit any individual.

Picking the right gym can be overwhelming. Let us help.


Our staff points ensures you are doing exercises correctly, and regress & progress each members accordingly.


Workouts are desgined over 12 week cyles with each cycle finding the balance between versatile & structure.


Direction from our staff, and purpose with the classes leads to long term resutls both phys

What You Can Expect From Versa Fitness

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